Our range of services includes aerial photography and videography for real estate, marketing, rural property and rural services and technical imagery for mapping and agriculture

Aerial Photography / Videography

Photography and Videography for Real Estate, Home, Office, Websites or Landscaping

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Rural Property and Services

View or advertise a rural property or rural services from a different perspective.  It's beautiful land: Show it off!

Orthomosiac Maps

We can also produce high definition "Orthomosaic" maps of an area at far higher resolution than Google satellite view, and updated on demand. Up to 2cm/pixel!  See individual plants, trees and objects.

Excellent for planning landscaping or showing how a farm, field or development changes over a season or over years.

See how a Melbourne suburban play area or a rural property looks in high definition

Agricultural Imagery

General mapping services to show seeding, erosion, crop damage (hail, frost, storm) or glyphosate drift/overspray damage.

Further technical agricultural imaging services : Details Coming Soon!